One of our fundraisers had the added bonus of a close encounter with one of her idols while walking the 50km walk through London for Dimbleby Cancer Care on Friday night.

Sophie Richards was taking part in the charity’s 50/50/50 event as part of a team from Soak&Sleep who are based in Guildford and supply Dimbleby Cancer Care with their special pillows which are distributed to patients at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital accessing the Dimbleby Cancer Care Information & Support Services.

Walking with her colleagues Sophie said, “As we were passing through South Kensington in a small group with my boss, someone noticed a man in a big hat and said to me ‘isn’t that Elvis Costello?’. I look closer and through ‘Yes it is!’. Then, despite having already walked 15km I decided to run after him!”

“My dad is a huge Elvis Costello fan and I grew up on all his music. I recognised him straight away. When I caught up with him I started rambling and he asked what we were doing. I explained that we were walking 50km to raise money to help support cancer patients for Dimbleby Cancer Care. I told him about the pillows and my company’s close relationship with the charity. He was very lovely and said he would sponsor us. I’ve since found out that indeed he has.”

“He was such a nice bloke. I’m really pleased I got to speak to him. Sometimes you worry that your idols won’t live up to you expectations, but he did. My dad is now very jealous. And I think my excitement at having met him really spurred me and the team on for the next few miles at least.”

The 50/50/50 walk looks to have raised in excess of £70,000 and sponsorship is still coming in.

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