Every year, the Dimbleby Cancer Care Research Fund funds up to £500,000 in grants to independent research projects.

We recently conducted a survey to find out a bit more about the projects we have funded. The fund has been going for 6 years now and therefore in its relative infancy. The projects funded cover a whole range of cancer care issues including a feasibility study of relaxation therapy plus autohypnotherapy for patients with thoracic cancer undergoing radiotherapy, a study into the benefits of exercise for people with incurable cancer, and a research project looking at the experience and support needs of older family caregivers of people with advanced cancer.

Due to the relative infancy of the fund, many of the projects are ongoing. What is interesting to us is to know that a lot of the research we fund allows initial feasibility studies to take place that then lead onto further more extensive research.

Of the 12 completed projects:

  • 7 are extending/developing the research
  • 7 awards of further funding have been awarded to develop 4 of the studies
  • 2 applications for development funding are pending
  • 4 project outcomes have contributed to 5 other studies (and potentially one other)

What was also encouraging was some of the feedback that we have received regarding the actual nature of the fund and the application process:

“The flexibility and simplicity of the process for application, write up and financial reporting required by DCC was a breath of fresh air and should be an exemplar to other funding bodies which have unnecessary lengthy and complicated application and reporting procedures”

“I think there is an urgent need for capacity building grants which allow novice researchers to have mentorship and support to undertake small studies, pump priming literature reviews and gaining basic skills in conducting a study”

To find out more about the projects already funded or to apply for funding yourself, please visit dimblebycancercare.org/research