Faith Chinwe Ezeronye Nwogu, 54, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 & has now become a fundraising champion for Dimbleby Cancer Care.

“I discovered a lump in my breast on 27th August 2014. I knew something was not right so I went to my local surgery immediately. The doctor said not to worry as I had only recently had a mammogram but I insisted that she referred me all the same. Luckily there was a cancellation and I saw them the following week. They asked me lots of questions about my family history but nobody has ever suffered from cancer in my family. Then they did a scan and a biopsy and said they would let me know when the results were in.

I got the call when I was in the market, they said I needed to come in straight away and that I should bring my family. I remember it so clearly. The doctor said ‘Your worst nightmare is here: it is cancer’. It was so blunt. My family all started screaming and crying but I was in shock. It took me a little while to gather myself but then I said ‘what do we do now?’. He told me he would get me the best treatment and he kept his promise. This was on the 9th of September. It was stage 3. After I had had all the scans at my local hospital I asked to be referred to Guy’s. I have to say that Guy’s is incredible. So professional. I was on the 10th floor CDU for treatment and that’s when I came across Dimbleby and it was a wonderful find. They asked me ‘do you want a tea or coffee?’ I asked them ‘who is paying for all this?’. They told me about the charity and I promised that when I got better I would fundraise for Dimbleby Cancer Care.

In the end I had chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy and I am now completely Cancer free as of September 2015. It wasn’t easy – it is not an experience I would wish upon my worst enemy. I thank God for the NHS staff, especially at Guy’s – I’ve been to others and Guy’s is the best! When I go in, even if I don’t have to go to the 10th floor, I always pop in and say hello to the amazing staff there.

So I used the Dimbleby services and then when my treatment was almost over I called up and asked how I could start helping and raising funds. Since then I have been fundraising through my church RCCG; His Glory Tabernacle, Catford branch and through my community group Otolo Nneisi Association. I’m still struggling with the after effects of my treatment and have issues with mobility, but once I am back on my feet I plan to do lots more.”

To find out more about the services available through Dimbleby Cancer Care click here.