Every year, Dimbleby Cancer Care funds research projects into the issues surrounding cancer care. A lot of the projects we fund are preliminary studies that are later developed into more extensive research.

We are very proud to have been involved in the following piece of work carried out by the University of Surrey that has recently seen the launch of a short film, ‘Getting Down to Coping’, to help men who are experiencing difficulties following treatment for prostate cancer.

Professor Sara Faithfull, Dr Jane Cockle-Hearne and their colleagues are developing and trialling an intervention to help with the self-management of post-treatment symptoms.  Earlier pilot studies indicate that men who have received more support with self-management of symptoms – both emotional and physical – have shown reductions in emotional distress and improved symptom-related quality of life.  Once the planned intervention is fully developed and tested, it is hoped will be rolled out as a new model of post-treatment prostate cancer care.

The film was developed by patients and their clinicians.  To view it, click here.