“Making giving easy for people is essential for the future of small charities like Dimbleby Cancer Care. The People’s Operator makes giving so easy. It allows people to give without even noticing.” Robin Pritchard, Head of Communications, Dimbleby Cancer Care

Launched today, The People’s Operator (TPO) is a new UK mobile operator that combines great mobile deals, coverage and customer service with the ability to support charities, community groups and other good causes throughout the UK.

As a launch partner, Dimbleby Cancer Care are teaming up with TPO to help spread the word.

TPO matters because 25% of its profits are given away to the TPO Foundation to go to good causes like ours. Better yet, customers who join through Dimbleby Cancer Care can direct TPO to give 10% (after VAT) of their monthly mobile spend straight to our organisation.

We’ll follow up soon with more news on The People’s Operator. Until then, you can find out more about the company at thepeoplesoperator.com