Our friends at the Harrodian School in Barnes have been busy raising money for Dimbleby Cancer Care, last week presenting us with a cheque for an amazing £2,019.18!

Head of Upper Prep and Year 11s, Mr Ben Roets has been a keen supporter ofDimbleby Cancer Care and is taking part in our #Walk50 event on 15th June. He told us:

“For our charity drive of the year, we focussed our talents on raising money for Dimbleby Cancer Care during the month of March.  I  introduced the charity drive to pupils during a year assembly and asked them to either give up some of their own pocket money or work at home towards raising funds. The sky really was the limit, but the idea was not that they just ask for money (especially from their parents), but that they give up something for the next four weeks or work each week at home helping to raise money. I told them that I would be very happy if they could raise £10 each – the more the better, but it’s also about the process of being selfless and working towards a united goal that was the essential part of this drive.”

Together with his own fundraising for #Walk50 this has been a great joint effort between pupils, parents and staff to help support our work.

Ben said: “There were some phenomenal attempts at raising funds and all 104 pupils in the year took part, but the pupils in the photo excelled due to their own individual fund raising activities.”

Front row (left to right): Ralph Collington – Had a shop and sold sweets and crisps. Sophie MacDougall – Baked and sold cakes at Barnes Pond with Poppy. Georgie Everett – Baked and sold cakes at Middleton-on-Sea. Madeleine Paul – Did 50 laps at a swimming pool. Evie Priest – Served guests at a Boat Race Party with her sister Eleanor. Lucas Cowdry-Olsson – Baked and sold cakes at Kew Green.

Back row (left to right): Frank Goldsmith – Swam 15 laps in a freezing lake in Somerset! Jemima Steele – Completed house chores: washing dishes, changed beds, cook dinner etc. Poppy Duncan – Baked and sold cakes at Barnes Pond with Sophie. Eleanor Priest – Served guests at a Boat Race Party with her sister Evie. Nicole Vaktskjold-Palm – Running as well as busking on her Viola in Barnes. Lara Fleming – Baked and sold cakes outside her house.

We want to say a huge thank you to all the staff, parents and Yr 11 pupils for such a fantastic achievement which will really help us make a difference to people facing cancer. Thank you.

If you would like to take on your own fundraising challenge, get in touch at fundraising@dimblebycancercare.org.