We were delighted to hear recently from Wendy who decided to celebrate her birthday by saying a huge Thank You to the staff at Dimbleby Cancer Care who had helped her during and after her treatment at St Thomas’:

“I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in March 2015. It was treated with chemotherapy at Lewisham hospital but unfortunately I didn’t find out about Dimbleby cancer care until after my operation -lumpectomy and lymph  node clearance at Guys. It was the lymph surgery that left me really stiff and sore and a treatment session at Dimbleby really helped enormously.

I live in Lewisham, have a young daughter (8), a lovely husband and am currently cancer free. Triple negative breast cancer is more likely to reoccur  – so I hope I won’t be needing Dimbleby’s services, excellent though they are, again.

I had a couple of collection tins at my 50th birthday party which was jointly hosted with my friend Tracey. We had always planned to have a big party and luckily the treatment was almost done (I’ve almost finished radiotherapy) and the prognosis good so far so I could properly celebrate. We raised £146.25

It would have been great to have had some treatments during the chemo but at the same time it’s good to have the sessions left to tackle the areas that are still uncomfortable from surgery. Dimbleby is like going to a spa but with the added benefit of therapists who understand the effects of cancer treatment.”