Funds raised by London Marathon runner provide vital materials for Dimbleby Laboratories.

Earlier this year, following a gruelling training programme in snow and ice, Marianne Blake ran the 2010 London Marathon, despite the fact she is suffering from an aggressive form of breast cancer.  She and her friend Robbie not only completed the run in good time, but managed to raise almost £16,000 for Dimbleby Cancer Care.

Marianne specified that she wanted the money she raised to go towards the work of Professor Tony Ng and his team at the Dimbleby Laboratories at King’s College London.  Professor Ng’s research is focused on ‘personalising’ medicine, ie. through imaging techniques he seeks to find the most fitting treatments for individuals’ cancers.  Marianne herself benefited from his work.

With the money she raised, Professor Ng was able to purchase a library of gene targeting reagents in order to develop his work, which includes trying to establish where the chief source of heterogeneity in patient response to Herceptin lies.  He and his team had managed to secure some EU funding to do the required tissue imaging, and the money raised by Marianne enabled him to acquire the materials needed to inviestigate the gene/protein connections.  Research is progressing apace – watch this space.