Not just another cancer book

Twelve years ago Bernard Crix was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and given about a year to live.  Thanks to a combination of positive thinking, support from family and friends – and a crack medical team at Guy’s Hospital – he is still here,  well,  and has just written a book about his experience, Not Just Another Birthday (available on Kindle).  It is a warm but frank step-by-step account of his ‘cancer journey’ from what it felt like to receive an unexpected cancer diagnosis just before his 65th birthday, through the ups and downs of treatment and all the unexpected issues which arise, and ends with his 70th birthday.

Bernard Crix says that he was reluctant to write a book about his cancer – others have done it in the past.  But he was eventually persuaded and what emerges is an account which should give encouragement and ideas to anyone who discovers themselves in the position he found himself two days before his 65th birthday.