Researching Care & Cure

Dimbleby Cancer Care has three arms of research – each in areas that few others fund

Dimbleby Cancer Care Research Fund

Less than 5% of all cancer research funding is spent on researching the care needs of cancer patients, their carers and families, and how best to meet them. With more of us living longer with cancer we believe it is vital that cancer care is improved and made available universally through first class research. Dimbleby Cancer Care spends up to £0.25 million per year in this area.  We are one of the only charitable funders in this vital field. Whether through looking at the problems experienced by older carers, or the challenges of sharing cancer information with children, Dimbleby Cancer Care is actively funding research most others don’t. To hear about one of the projects we funded, click here

Through an endowment at King’s College London we support ground breaking research into cancer treatment. Professor Tony Ng is the Dimbleby Cancer Care Chair in Cancer Research and is based at the Dimbleby Laboratories at King’s College London. Professor Ng and his team are one of only a few in the world working on imaging techniques to identify which are the most fitting treatments for an individual patient’s cancer.  Learn more about his work here.

Dimbleby Marie Curie Cancer Care Research Fund

In 2011, Dimbleby Cancer Care and Marie Curie Cancer Care collaborated to provide a £1,000,000 research fund over 2 years, focusing on end-of-life care issues, with an emphasis on improved communications and on more compassionate end-of-life care.  To find out about some of the funded projects, click here. More results are expected soon.

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