Completed research funded by Dimbleby Cancer Care

Dr Geraldine M Leydon, Dr Katie Ekberg, Dr Lisa Danquah, Dr Beth Stuart, Dr Joanne McDermott, Dr Charis Roy, and Professor Paul Little on behalf of the study Investigators

Mapping and understanding specialist cancer and cancer-related helplines in the UK

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Catherine Walshe, Maurice Nagington, Karen Luker

Patients’ and family carers’ construction of quality in supportive and palliative district nursing care

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Dr. Teresa Beynon, Dr. Fiona Child, Dr. Richard Harding, Dr. Danuta Orlowska, Eloise Radcliffe, Dr. Lucy Selman, Cathy Shipman, Professor Sean Whittaker

Developing a model of best practice for people with Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) and their caregivers: an investigation of multidimensional supportive and palliative care needs

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Professor Emma Ream Dr Vicki Tsianakas Ms Rebecca Verity Ms Catherine Oakley Mr Trevor Murrells  Professor Glenn Robert Professor Alison Richardson, Florence Nightingale School of Nursing & Midwifery King’s College London

Enhancing the role of carers in the outpatient chemotherapy setting:  a participatory action research project

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A short film made as part of the intervention, and featuring staff from the Dimbleby Cancer Care Information and Support Services available to view here:



Dr Christopher Bailey, University of Southampton

A study to explore the experience and support needs of older caregivers caring for family members (or friends) with cancer: initial report

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Dr Gail Ewing, Professor Gunn Grande & Professor Sheila Payne on behalf of the National Forum for Hospice at Home

Development  of a ‘what matters to family carers’ assessment tool for evaluation  of care and support at end of life care (Phase 2)

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Professor Julia Addington-Hall, Professor Alison Richardson et al, University of Southampton

Understanding the ‘unknown': a case study approach to explore patients’, carers’ and health care professionals’ experiences of cancer of an unknown primary site

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Dr Iris Cohen Fineberg / Lera O’Connor, University of Lancaster

Evaluation of Preferred Place of Care (PPC): towards quality improvement

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Professor Faith Gibson, London South Bank University / Great Ormond Street Hospital

An exploration of parents’ and professionals’ roles in sharing illness and treatment information with children who have cancer

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 Professor Leslie Walker, University of Hull

A feasibility study of relaxation therapy plus autohypnotherapy training (HYPREL) for patients with thoracic cancer undergoing radiotherapy
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Maggie Evans, Academic Unit of Primary Care, University of Bristol

Complementary therapies (CTs) and supportive cancer care: towards integration and holistic care? A qualitative study of patients and professionals
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Professor Sheila Payne, International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University

Ethnicity and Cancer: examining psychosocial transitions for older people
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Dr Marc Serfaty, School of Mental Health Sciences, Royal Free and University College London Medical School

Helping with Touch or Talk (TOT): Feasibility of a randomised controlled trial to examine the clinical and cost effectiveness of aromatherapy massage versus cognitive behaviour therapy in patients in cancer/palliative care.
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Dr Louise Jones, School of Mental Health Sciences, Royal Free and University College London Medical School

Advance Care Planning in Advanced Cancer – can it be achieved? A patient preference trial of a care planning discussion
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Dr George Walker, Rowcroft Hospice, Devon

Preferred Place of Death: Factors influencing actual versus preferred place of death and the decision making process
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Professor Nicky Britten, Institute of Health & Social Care Research, Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth

A qualitative synthesis of the use of complementary and alternative medicine after a diagnosis of cancer.
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