2014-2015 Dimbleby Cancer Care Research Fund

  • We are currently undertaking a detailed review of the results and findings of our research to date, as well as putting our resources into a piece of our own research looking at the current provision of cancer care and information in South East London.  Therefore we will not be putting out an open call for applications for 2014-15.

Applications to Dimbleby Cancer Care Research Fund

In previous years we have welcomed applications from anyone whose proposed research fits the following criteria:

  • leads to a better understanding of the support needs of patients, and their families and carers, from diagnosis through treatment, to recovery or end of life – and to discover how these needs can best be met
  • offers improved psychosocial care to patients, their families and carers
  • facilitates better communication and continuity of care throughout a patient’s cancer journey
  • tests the efficacy of, and improves, existing support strategies

The application process takes place once a year (see below). It involves completing and submitting an initial short application form.

The initial applications are considered by our Advisory Board and a shortlist is drawn up. (To find out who is on our Advisory Board, click here).

Shortlisted applicants are invited to complete a detailed application and, after close scrutiny and discussion among the Board, funds are awarded to those projects deemed appropriate.

Please refer back for further information about our 2015-16 funding call in due course.

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