Last week we spotted a blog that stopped us in our tracks. Written by Lauren, a patient currently in the middle of treatment at Guy’s Cancer Centre, she talks really openly and honestly about the impact of her diagnosis on her and her family, and in particular how finding Dimbleby Cancer Care has made a huge difference to her situation.

Very simply she says:

“When you’ve got cancer (and after, actually) you spent a truck load of time at the hospital. It can actually become your only social interaction and, after nearly two years of regular attendance, I actually quite like being there these days (like that kid with no friends who actually likes detention. That’s me). But when you have other commitments (like work or children) that require schedules to be totally rearranged for you to get to the 8th hospital visit (for chemo, doctor check ups, wig fittings, blood tests to find out why your nose hasn’t stopped bleeding this month) in three weeks, its almost impossible to imagine that you would add more inconvenience to the pot just for counselling.

And that’s where Dimbleby came in. They offered me someone to talk to when I thought I might need it. And I really did. They have a centre on the ground floor of my cancer centre and it means that, to me, it feels justifiable. Like it’s part of my treatment. So I go, I talk, and I leave feeling (a lot) better.”

To read the full blog, click here.