During the last few weeks of his illness, while being treated at St Thomas’ in London, the only thing Richard Dimbleby complained about were the hospital pillows. So his wife brought some in from home. His wish was that everyone could be afforded such simple comforts as a comfortable pillow.

Recognising the need for a greater emphasis on care, the charity that was established in his name continues to fund the provision of care and research into all aspects of care affecting those living with cancer. The Dimbleby Cancer Care Information and Support Services which provide information, psychological support and complementary therapies to cancer patients and their cares, established at Guy’s and St Thomas’ will move into their new home in the brand new KHP Cancer Care Centre when it opens in 2016; and our research fund this year funded 3 projects to the tune of £275,000.00.

On a smaller scale, the “comfortable pillows” that the charity used to provide will soon be available once more to cancer patients staying at at Guy’s and St Thomas’and those receiving chemotherapy as outpatients.

The pillows are a simple gift that can make a world of difference to someone. As one patient told us:

“I had never heard of Dimbleby Cancer Care until I was diagnosed with Leukaemia. As well as the chemotherapy treatment, I was given a Dimbleby Cancer Care Pillow. Someone came up to me, handed me the pillow and said “this is for you”.  It was such a welcome surprise… It’s a very simple thing, but that is what you need. Something to hold on to.”

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