The Oncology Games 2018

The first ever ‘Oncology Games’ happened on the weekend of 23/24th July in Rome, Italy in the beautiful stadium of Stadio-della-Farnesina.

The UK was represented by 4 patients from the London Area. All the participants have a diagnosis of advanced cancer and participated in the Games with others from Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria.

The ethos was about participating in friendly games, meeting new friends from 5 other European countries with similar experiences and having something positive to focus on. It is also a great opportunity to visit a beautiful city with family or friend. The games included Nordic walking, shot put and a range of running events. The games were broadcast at the Cancer Survivors Day at Guy’s Cancer Centre on the Sunday so all could participate in the day.

The participants returned to the UK with immense success as each received a medal in their activity. The team brought home 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals.

All the UK participants were trained for their selected games under our cancer exercise team – Isla Veal (GSTT – Macmillan Oncology physiotherapist) and members from Teachsport, Ashleigh Chevannes and Joni Blackwood. The participants were joined in Rome by Stuart Spear (GSTT – Oncology Physiotherapist) and Zoe Evans (GSTT – Oncology Technical Instructor) to support them at the event.

If you’re interested please see or for more details or search ‘oncology games’ on Facebook.