We Are Family

In September, cousins Kim Ropek and Rose Fletcher teamed up to organise a fundraising walk as a way of saying thank you to Dimbleby Cancer Care who supported them both through their cancer journey.

Rose from Beckenham and Kim from Lewisham organised the sponsored walk with friends and family on 9th September.

The charity supported, Kim, 59, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She said: “Both my cousin and I were treated for breast cancer at Guy’s Hospital and we have both been fortunate enough to benefit from the amazing services available from Dimbleby Cancer Care. Whether it was complementary therapy whilst going through chemotherapy or help getting through the lonely, difficult months post treatment, we both feel the charity made an enormous difference so we would like to give something back to what we feel is an amazing charity”.

The 20 mile walk through London began and ended at the Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital, where the charity is based. In total the pair have now raised over £16,000.

Rose, 41, added: “The charity made me feel like a normal person during a very difficult time and helped me to deal with the stress and worry of reoccurrence. For that I will be forever grateful.  I am currently feeling good in my health and just have to go for check ups every six months but I really don’t think I would be feeling so positive, had it not been for the wonderful support from Dimbleby Cancer Care“.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part.

To take part in Dimbleby Cancer Care’s Walk50 event on 15th June 2018, click here.