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Here, Dimbleby Cancer Care’s Trustees explain in their own words why they are involved:

DDDavid Dimbleby – President

It is now over forty years since we established what has become Dimbleby Cancer Care. Our main aim is to look after the growing number of people who live with cancer. As treatments improve, more and more people live longer with cancer and face a range of practical and psychological difficulties. We want to support them by offering practical help. We have also initiated a major research initiative which funds research into how best to support those with cancer. Until now we have used only the financial resources given, without any great fundraising effort, by donors. To expand our work we are now seeking support from those who share our aims.

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DCC_070313_49Jonathan Dimbleby – Chair of the Trustees

Almost all of us have loved ones who find themselves living with cancer. Treatments are improving. More patients survive for longer. But the support and care for those who are living with cancer lags far behind the need.

I am passionate about Dimbleby Cancer Care because I know we can make a real difference. By providing practical help at crucial times – like a soft pillow or a comforting massage or psychological support – and by funding vital research programmes to establish the best way of offering the best care, Dimbleby Cancer Care is already in the frontline. But we want to do far more.

Like the rest of the family trustees and the specialists who guide and advise us, I know that we can help transform the provision of cancer care in Britain. But we can only do it if we can secure the funds for this work which is so urgently needed. It will take sustained commitment but I know it can be done. And, with everyone else involved in our 40th anniversary year, I intend to help make it happen.

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DCC_070313_10Joe Dimbleby – Trustee

Becoming a trustee of DCC was a wonderful opportunity both to honour my grandfather, in whose memory the fund was started, and to work for a charity that enhances the quality of life of those suffering from cancer.

I am one of three trustees of the next generation and I think that it’s important to have the younger perspective we bring to the board, as cancer affects all age groups.

DCC’s work is vital as there is little funding for research and the side of cancer treatment which improves the day-to-day lives of those living with the disease. Dimbleby Cancer Care was started to fill this gap and we have 40 years of experience in delivering it. But there is much more still to be done.

KittyKitty Dimbleby – Trustee

Cancer effects all of us – young and old – and I feel honoured to be part of a something that tries to help – both by funding research and by trying to make the lives of those living with cancer easier.

DCC recognises that you have to treat the patient as a whole – and that palliative care can be as important as medical treatment when you are facing cancer.

When people hear the Dimbleby name they think of media legacy. Despite being a journalist myself I feel that far more important is the legacy of DCC. In the memory of my grandfather we work together as a family to try and make a difference, no matter how small, to people fighting this awful disease.

DCC_070313_34Kate Dimbleby – Trustee

“I am very excited to come on board as one of the younger generation trustees.  I have always been struck by the charity’s commitment to the palliative care which was so lacking when my grandfather was diagnosed.   Through my own work as an Alexander technique teacher, I am very interested in the the difference that one-to-one care can make to the individual and the importance of a holistic approach.  Becoming a trustee is a wonderful opportunity to understand more about how the charity works and hopefully have some useful input in the years to come.”

DCC_070313_42Jo Ralling – Trustee

Jo is Director of Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Smart campaign and heads up UK Partnerships at the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and is a member of the London Food Board. Jo joined the DCC Board of Trustees in 2013.

“I support DCC as they do extraordinary work helping people when they are facing living with Cancer.    Our staff our outstanding and I see on a daily basis what a difference the charity has made to so many lives.”

CWCaroline Waldegrave – Trustee
Caroline joined the Board in June 2013 and heads up our fundraising committee.

“As a trustee for the charity, over the last four years I have seen first hand just how important its work is in supporting those living with cancer, providing real help for people throughout their treatment and beyond – and not just patients but their families and those caring for them as well.”

CWKyle Taylor – Trustee
Kyle joined the Board in 2015.

“Like so many of us, cancer has struck my family and friends over and over again. Having lost 5 people both young and old in recent years, the chance to support an organisation like DCC – that is so focused on helping people living with cancer felt like a great opportunity and privilege.”

CWHamish Sinclair – Honorary Treasurer
Hamish is a Partner and heads the Group Business Development and Philanthropic Divisions at Stonehage Fleming, and joined the Board in 2016.

“A number of my close friends and family have been impacted by cancer. I am proud to support Dimbleby Cancer Care in its outstanding work in providing cancer care and support.”

Charlie Hunt – Trustee
Charlie joined the Board in 2016

Vice Presidents
Nicholas Dimbleby, Henry Dimbleby, Baroness Julia Neuberger


Jo Brand, Simon Callow, Nicholas Hewer, Claudia Winkleman


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